Integral Consciousness reveals to humans the realm of boundless possibilities...
           -Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, Founder, CIF




Cultural Integration Fellowship Welcomes You

Inspired by the philosophy of integral living, the Cultural Integration Fellowship (CIF) was founded in 1951 by Dr. Hardas Chaudhuri and Mrs. Bina Chaudhuri as a center of universal religion and spiritual practice. In keeping with the spirit of unity in diversity, we honor the spiritual traditions of diverse cultures and religions. Our mission is to foster mutual respect for all cultural, spiritual and religious practices. By extending friendship, seeking common ground and transcending differences, we can join together to build bridges of cross-cultural harmony and world peace.

Located at 2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco, across from Golden Gate Park.

Please join us for Sunday morning services at 11:00 am


Aug 02: Integral Yoga, Transformation, Neoroscience and Brain Health, with Brant Cortright, PhD , professor at CIIS, psychologist and author

Aug 09: Integral Visions Satsang: community sharing of personal journeys

Aug 16: Ethics, Sustainability and Sri Aurobindo's Integral Advaita, with Debashish Banerji, PhD, Dean of Academic Affairs at the University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles

Aug 23: Five Levels of Transformation Honoring Sri Aurobindo's Integral Way, with Hilary Anderson, PhD, scholar, therapist, and founder of the Universal Way Foundation

Aug 30: The Roving 'I' with Anton Grosz, PhD, author, Integral Yoga educator, and creator of Games of Consciousness


guests are cordially invited ♦ free will offering

CIF is a non-profit organization open to individuals of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin

Special Offering:

a mini course taught by Hilary Anderson, PhD

Exploring the Four Archetypal Goddess Energies emphasized
in Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga

Sunday August 23 from 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Saturday, August 29 from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

suggested donation: $10 Sunday; and $15 Saturday